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Turn text messages into photo galleries

Getting great wedding photos from your guests is fast and simple with QuickShare Photos. Why ask your wedding guests to hassle with hashtags and install apps? Instead, just give them a unique phone number to your QuickShare wedding gallery. Your guests can TXT in wedding pics in real-time right from their phone. QuickShare turns all of those text messages into an online wedding gallery that you control. So, get rid of the risk of having your hashtag for the big day photobombed by you-know-who. Setting up your QuickShare wedding gallery is as easy as one, two, three. Try it free.

No apps. No hashtags. No hassle.


Setup your online wedding gallery and get your custom gallery number.


Give guests your gallery phone number to send in pics and website link to see them.


Watch as your guests TXT their photos to your live online wedding gallery.

Picture Perfect for Wedding Planners

Take the hassle out of getting great pics from wedding guests

  • Every Angle

    Crowdsource wedding photos by TXT message and capture your big day from every angle.

    Every Detail

    Capture every delicious detail with guest photos from all of your wedding events from the bridal shower to the wedding day.

    Every Moment

    Don't miss a moment of your big day, especially the ones you'll ROFL about later. Guests take the best pics.

  • Your Privacy

    With QuickShare, you keep compete control over and ownership of your wedding photos, not some social network.

    Live Feed

    Your guest photos show up in your online wedding gallery as soon as they TXT them.

    User Friendly

    There's literally nothing to learn. Your guests take pics with their phone and TXT them to your wedding gallery. Boom!

Word on the Street

about QuickShare Wedding Galleries

  •  I am a huge fan of QuickShare! We have used it at one of our daughters parties so far and it was a huge hit! Thanks for making memories easier to capture!

    — Patty, Mom

  • We used Picshare Party at our wedding and it worked wonderfully. Everyone seemed to have a great time taking photos and seeing the photos other people were taking. So much better than the other solutions we found…

    — James T, Groom



Turn text messages into photo galleries

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