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Turn text messages into photo and video galleries, fast.

Why give some social media company a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post… when what you really need is to get and share pics with your priority peeps like your core customers, your most excellent employees or some other group of awesome folks who make your bottom line sing like a songbird. Oh yeah, and all while you stay in complete control of your photos and videos.

QuickShare Photos is so easy to signup and start using that you'll have to really try to make it look like you're working hard to your boss. Set up galleries fast on the fly for your business. From new property listings to new product promotions, there's virtually no limit to how you can use QuickShare Photos to build your business. We offer ongoing business plans starting at under $20 a month and one-time enterprise galleries with a full-on, pro-grade feature set that's stupid simple.

Nuff said. Don't provide advertising fodder for someone else's billion-dollar business. Don't get your company's hashtag photobombed in the middle of your big moment. Best of all, there's no app to install. Growing your gallery is as easy as sending a text message. Try it free today and find out why so many successful businesses are turning to QuickShare Photos to collect, organize, share and show off photos and videos.

No apps. No hashtags. No hassle.

Word on the street

About QuickShare.photos

  • We used QuickShare for another company event this past weekend and it was a HUGE hit! Our employees loved it! We received way more pictures than I expected. QuickShare really is a lifesaver for me.

    — Jennifer Looney, THE NEWTRON GROUP

  •  I am a huge fan of QuickShare! We have used it at one of our daughters parties so far and it was a huge hit! Thanks for making memories easier to capture!

    — Patty H, MOM

  • Everything worked out great for our conference, and QuickShare was a tremendous success. We’ll definitely be using it again next year and each year thereafter for our annual conference. 

    — Steve Ashley, BOYD MANAGEMENT, INC.


Setup an online photo gallery for your busines and get your unique, custom QuickShare phone number to share, or not.


Use your unique QuickShare gallery phone number to add photos and immediately publish pics in your online gallery.


Share the unique web address for your gallery with your executives, management, employees, customers or anyone you decide.
  • Retail Management

    Why wonder and worry about the 37 window displays in your 37 retail stores. Instead, unleash the power of QuickShare for real-time, first-hand snapshots.

    Capture Confernces

    Don't just hear about what went on at your conference, see it, immediately. Give attendees your QuickShare gallery number and watch the pics stream in.

    Real Estate

    Tired of overly complex apps that customers can't use? Setup a QuickShare gallery, give buyers the link and close the deal.

  • Field Reports

    Report from the road, the field or anywhere you can send a text message. It's way better than photo bombing your boss's mobile number to show progress.

    Trade Shows

    QuickShare was made for trade. From haute cuisine to hot cars, we show and share pictures as fast as it takes to send a text message.

    Fan Promotion

    Do you produce concerts, festivals or parties? Nothing gets the selfie generation going like a better way to share pics with just the right peeps.

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